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John MacLeod's passion for the Wild West started as a boy growing up in the Midwest watching cowboy and Indian movies.

Encouragement from galleries led MacLeod to turn his considerable talents to the creation of Native American-style pieces with their emphasis on artistry and color. "It gave me a chance to work with different types of leather, such as soft leathers from deer, elk and buffalo, and beads, horsehair, trade cloth, and paints and pigments." With all hand-sewing, hand-beading and -painting, MacLeod now works five to six days a week. Using many traditional methods and materials MacLeod creates one-of-a-kind Native American-inspired reproductions including ceremonial war shirts, shields, shield covers, horse masks, dresses, and many other items.

Lakota Sioux War Shirt by John MacLeod
$ 3,975.00
Lakota Sioux War Shirt by John MacLeod - JM0514
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Soaring Eagle Dress by John MacLeod
$ 3,375.00
Soaring Eagle Dress by John MacLeod - JM0214
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