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We are pleased to offer Native American Style Flutes from two very accomplished artists. Butch Hall and Tim Blueflint.

Butch Hall handcrafts precision tuned Native American style flutes for both the Introductory and Accomplished Flute Players.  Butch got his start by identifying the needs of Native American Flute Players and building his flutes based on the Artists direction. Butch's Little Horse A minor starter flute is the top selling native American style flute worldwide.  He has also published a lesson & songbook with CD, that is great for the Entry Level Flute Player. Butch uses premium Easter Red Cedar for his entry level flutes.

Butch Hall has also created his Concert Series Flutes which feature a gold anodized nest under the bird which enhances the performance by giving you a really alive, present voice that can handle big breath extremes. These are created from Red Cedar as well as other soft and hardwoods These are the famous flutes that you hear on many of today’s Native American style flute albums.

Tim Blueflint is an accomplished musician and artist creating beautifully hand crafted Native American Flutes that are not only produce brilliant sounds but are as equally a great display of art.

Each Native American Flute handcrafted by Tim Blueflint began its journey from the finest of old growth domestic and exotic woods, handpicked for their tonal qualities and beauty. The highest quality of materials are gathered from private sources; precious and semi-precious stones, bronze, silver and gold are combined to create exquisite artistic expression of the Native American Flute

Other Native American style flutes are made here in Arizona, by Artist Odell Borg. They are hand crafted from a solid piece of the finest walnut, aromatic cedar, birch or spanish cedar,



Butch Hall 'Little Bird' Flute in B-m
$ 75.00
Butch Hall 'Little Bird' Flute in B-m - BHF55
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Butch Hall 'Little Horse' Flute in A-m
$ 85.00
Butch Hall 'Little Horse' Flute in A-m -
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Tim Blueflint Walnut Flute in Key of A
$ 450.00
Tim Blueflint Walnut Flute in Key of A -
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Tim Blueflint Walnut Flute in Key of F
$ 600.00
Tim Blueflint Walnut Flute in Key of F -
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