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Tim Blueflint Walnut Flute in Key of A - REZ425


Tim Blueflint of Shades of Rez personally handcrafts each flute into a beautiful Native American instrument and work of art.

This Flute in the key of A features one-piece construction from Walnut and accents of Yellow Heart. It incorporates a Warbler, generating a naturally occurring vibrato.

Each flute has a 6 hole, extended range tuning with a total of 15 notes, covering an octave plus a minor third.

Dimensions: 7/8" x 19 1/4"

Tim Blueflint of Shades of Rez Native American Flutes, handcrafted instruments and works of art.  Black Arrow Jewelry & Art Flutes, Gifts, and Art Gallery 1-800-621-6668

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