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Butch Hall 'Little Horse' Flute in A-m - BHF65


Our Little Horse Native American Style Flutes are great starter flutes featuring one piece Red Cedar construction and easy to reach hole spacing, measuring 5 3/8", center-to-center, top to bottom finger hole.

Butch Hal flutes have 6 hole, extended range tuning with a total of 15 notes, covering an octave plus a minor third. A finger chart is included with your new flute, showing exactly how to achieve each of the 15 notes.

Each high quality Red Cedar flute has a hand-rubbed finish that includes four hand sandings, four coats of finish (inside and out) and a final steel wool rub. You’ll feel and see the difference our finishing effort makes.

Dimensions: 1 1/4" x 17 1/2"

Butch Hall Native American Style Flutes, crafted in the style of Native American Flutes.  Black Arrow Jewelry & Art Flutes, Gifts, and Art Gallery 1-800-621-6668

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