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Plains Style Large Leather Beaded Pipe Bag by Russ Kruse - RK795

SKU: RK795

This Leather Beaded Pipe Bag is carefully handcrafted by master artist Russ Kruse. The leather and beadwork are done by hand for an exceptionally authentic and beautiful look and quality. A beautiful Artifact Reproduction.

  • Deer Hide Leather
  • Lazy Stitch Beading with Intricate Designs (Front)
  • Quill Style Rap Drop with Leather Fringe
  • Leather Cinch Closure with Beads, Painted Feathers, Brass Cones
  • Approx. Size: 36"L x 5 1/2"W; Bag itself is 19"L

At an early age Russ Kruse discovered his passion for creating reproductions of Native American artifacts. His channeled expertise in flint knapping, carving, beadwork, painting feathers, leatherwork, scrimshaw, and relief-carving have allowed Russ to make a multitude of masterfully-crafted, unique art pieces.  

“My compulsion to create accurate, detailed, museum-quality depictions of the spirit of the art, all made by hand with natural materials, manifests itself in the variety of these unique works.”

Currently in our Prescott Gallery and available for immediate delivery.

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