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Halo Headdress by Russ Kruse - RK012-12

SKU: RK012-12

This Halo Headdress has carefully painted feathers and elaborate beadwork that combine to form a truly impressive piece of art. The leather construction ensures years of durability and beauty for the owner of this piece. This headdress has the following features:

  • Plains Style Headdress Reproduction

  • Hand Painted Mature Eagle Feathers

  • Beaded Brow Band w/ Lazy Stitch Beading

  • Brass Cones, Abalone Shell & Horsehair

  • 22”W x 24”H x 19”D

Victory Headdress is Available Without or With Wall Mount Stand -- Make Selection.

At a young age Russ Kruse discovered his passion for creating reproductions of Native American artifacts. His channeled expertise in flint knapping, carving, beadwork, painting feathers, leatherwork, scrimshaw, and relief-carving have allowed Russ to make a multitude of masterfully-crafted, unique art pieces.  

“My compulsion to create accurate, detailed, museum-quality depictions of the spirit of the art, all made by hand with natural materials, manifests itself in the variety of these unique works.”

Please allow 3-4 weeks for this special order.

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