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40" Victory Headdress by Russ Kruse - RK020

SKU: RK020

This Victory Headdress is of a plains-style construction. Measuring in at 40" x 12"W x 18"D, this piece is stunning in both size and craftsmanship. Each feather is carefully painted to represent young Eagle Feathers, and each bead is painstakingly stitched into a durable leather base to provide a lifetime of displayed beauty. The style of this Victory Headdress is unique and eye catching. Stand sold separately.

At a young age Russ Kruse discovered his passion for creating reproductions of Native American artifacts. His channeled expertise in flint knapping, carving, beadwork, painting feathers, leatherwork, scrimshaw, and relief-carving have allowed Russ to make a multitude of masterfully-crafted, unique art pieces.  

“My compulsion to create accurate, detailed, museum-quality depictions of the spirit of the art, all made by hand with natural materials, manifests itself in the variety of these unique works.”

Allow 3-4 weeks for this special order.

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