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20" Red Coral 10-Strand Beaded Necklace -


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This vibrant necklace features multiple strands of richly colored Mediterranean coral beads, meticulously arranged to create a stunning and eye-catching piece. The deep red-orange hues of the coral beads provide a bold and beautiful contrast against the silver end caps and clasp. The necklace is finished with a secure sterling silver clasp and an adjustable chain, allowing for a comfortable fit. Each bead is carefully selected and strung to ensure a consistent and high-quality appearance. This necklace is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and color to any outfit, making it a standout addition to any jewelry collection.


  • Material: Mediterranean Coral and Sterling Silver
  • Design: Multiple strands of coral beads with silver end caps
  • Color: Rich red-orange hues
  • Length: 20" Adjustable with a sterling silver clasp and chain
  • Authentic craftsmanship by Navajo Artists

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