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Tatanka: Painting by Laura Mountain on Elk - LMH007C


Tatanka (Buffalo)

Approx. Size: 68"H x 91"W

Painted on elk, here is a buffalo hunt as it would appear in pictograph form, or an ancient drawing in a cave. To the Native American, the buffalo was their single most important natural resource,providing food, war and hunting implements, leather for tepees, clothing, and even glue.

Hides are Hand Painted by Local Prescott Artist Laura Mountain. Laura feels it is important that the materials used are as genuine and natural as possible. Hand crafted arrowheads, shells, feathers, and various trade beads are hand sewn, wrapped, and tied with sinew. Ground earth pigments are mixed with natural bases and oils to produce her paints.

This painted hide is now part of a private collection. Orders can be taken from this original. Though every effort is made to keep the design as close as possible to the original, there will be slight variances in size, shape, color, and design placement. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery.    

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This Painted Hide is offered online exclusively from Black Arrow Jewelry & Art Gallery. 1.800.621.6668

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