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Good Medicine II: Painting by Laura Mountain on Elk - LMH010C


Painted on elk, this hide represents a "Shaman's" ceremonial robe. A Shaman is a person who is a messenger between the human world and the spirit world. Their primary purpose is to restore balance and harmony to the physical world by drawing from the spirit world. By connecting with the supernatural, Shamans will treat physical, emotional, and psychological illnesses by mending the soul. The Shaman will also enter the supernatural realm to seek solutions to problems that may arise within the community. 

Approx. Size: 66"H x 47"W

This design is adapted from an actual 1800's Shaman Robe from the Great Plains region. The robe is worn over the head and body during ceremonies.

Here, there are several designs that are symbolic. There are the four earthly directions, as well as the sky and the earth. The colors represented are: Red for blood, life, or earth. Yellow is for the sun, which gives life. Black is for the masculine and white for the feminine. Black triangles are mountains. Black dots are animal tracks. Blue is mixed with mica and reflects evil back like the reflective quality of water. 

The center symbol is the sun radiating outward for strength and protection. The "mask" is surrounded by human hair locks to protect the Shaman and allows them to keep their human element while entering the supernatural. The holes in the mask enable the Shaman's soul to enter the spirit world and return easily. Also on the mask is attached a medicine bag, which contains the three sisters: a kernel of corn, a squash seed, and a bean. It also contains four anthill crystals, which are symbolic of bringing the dark into the light thereby awakening the mind through memory. The Shaman would place, over the years, items that were meaningful to them or that would give them strength and enlightenment for their purpose.

Hides are Hand Painted by Local Prescott Artist Laura Mountain. Laura feels it is important that the materials used are as genuine and natural as possible. Hand crafted arrowheads, shells, feathers, and various trade beads are hand sewn, wrapped, and tied with sinew. Ground earth pigments are mixed with natural bases and oils to produce her paints.

The original Good Medicine painted hide and Good Medicine II, shown here, are now part of private collections across the country.

Orders can be taken from this original. Though every effort is made to keep the design as close as possible to the original, there will be slight variances in size, shape, color, and design placement. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery.    

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