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Acoma: Painting by Laura Mountain on Caribou - LMH21


Black Arrow is proud to present Laura Mountain’s Latest Creation, Acoma.

This Caribou hide provides the slate for fine black brush strokes in repetitive patterns on a buff landscape. Approximate dimension: 44"W x 54"L. Note that sizes may vary based on available hides.

Laura Mountain’s vision was to create on a larger scale, the design and pallette used in Acoma pottery.

Acoma, "Sky City", in New Mexico, is one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in North America. For a thousand years, the people of Aak'u, which has been translated from Keresan as "mesa top" and also as "a place prepared," have been making pottery, vessels of everyday life, of ritual, and of great beauty. Acoma, which means People of the White Rock, has been inhabited since before the twelfth century

Traditional Acoma designs include black and brown motif palette with geometric patterns and impressively accurate fine lines. The ancient geometric patterns were developed into dazzling fine-line designs, which began to appear in their contemporary form in the late 1940's. These reflect black and white abstract stylized adaptations of ancient Anasazi, Mogollon, and Mimbres ware.

Acoma, Painted Hide by Laura Mountain has recently sold but can be recreated. Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.

Hides are Hand Painted by Local Prescott Artist Laura Mountain. Laura feels it is important that the materials used are as genuine and natural as possible. Hand crafted arrowheads, shells, feathers, and various trade beads are hand sewn, wrapped, and tied with sinew. Ground earth pigments are mixed with natural bases and oils to produce her paints.

This painted hide is now available in our Prescott Gallery.      

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