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Butch Hall Walnut Concert Flute in A-m - BHF135


The Butch Hall Concert Flute in A minor is an affordable and easy to play Native American Style Flute in the concert series. The A minor projects so well that it is Butch Hall's flute of choice when climbing into the canyons because of the really great echoes.

It features one piece Walnut construction and easy to reach hole spacing, measuring 5 1/2", center-to-center, top to bottom finger hole

Concert flutes feature a gold annodized nest under the bird which enhances the performance by giving you a really alive, present voice that can handle big breath extremes. These are the famous flutes that you hear on many of today’s Native American style flute albums

Butch Hal flutes have 6 hole, extended range tuning with a total of 15 notes, covering an octave plus a minor third. A finger chart is included with your new flute, showing exactly how to achieve each of the 15 notes.

Each high quality Walnut flute has a hand-rubbed finish that includes four hand sandings, four coats of finish (inside and out) and a final steel wool rub. You’ll feel and see the difference our finishing effort makes.

Dimensions: 1 1/8" x 19 1/2"

Butch Hall Native American Style Flutes, crafted in the style of Native American Flutes.  Black Arrow Jewelry & Art Flutes, Gifts, and Art Gallery 1-800-621-6668

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